Various ‘Ohm Series 1’

Artist: Stojche, Thor & Ohm, Waage, Yagya
Title: Ohm Series 1
Label: Ohm Series
Format: Vinyl, digital
Release Date: March 29th, 2021
A1 Stojche -Cellar
A2 Thor & Ohm -Skuggahverfi
B1 Waage –B1
B2 Yagya –Nebulous Egress

Bjarnar Jonsson a.k.a. OHM starts his self titled record label called Ohm Series, showing off the vision of his new music project with a various artist EP, featuring four different artists and productions.
Each one embraces a mix of warm techno and dub techno, really catchy and dancefloor oriented. Keeping high the interest with this subgenre isn’t an easy job, in fact most of the dub techno releases finish to be redundant and annoying; but fortunately OHM seems to know what he’s doing and we hope he’ll keep it up with more great releases like this.

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