PACKSHOT Paolo Rocco - To The Stars And Beyond - Up The Stuss

Paolo Rocco ‘To The Stars And Beyond’

Artist: Paolo Rocco
To The Stars And Beyond
Remixer: Malin Genie 
Up The Stuss
Cat. #: UTS11
Vinyl / Digital
Release Date: 7th October 2022

1. To The Stars And Beyond (Main Mix)
2. First Night Out
3. Chi Chi Boogie
4. First Night Out (Malin Genie Remix)
5. To The Stars And Beyond (Dub Mix) [Vinyl Only]

Paolo Rocco heads to Chris Stussy’s Up The Stuss imprint with his ‘To The Stars And Beyond’ EP, joined by Mandar’s Malin Genie on remix duties.


Known for creating enriching house music, Italian Canadian DJ and producer Paolo Rocco is in fine form once again as he makes his first outing on Chris Stussy’s Up The Stuss imprint. Following up a selection of material via FUSE, Berg Audio, Rutilance Records and his own RAWMoments imprint, his ‘To The Stars And Beyond’ EP is an exemplary showcase of his vast talent in the studio, delivering a selection of silky, classy, deep, and spaced-out trips. The package comes reinforced with a stand-out remix courtesy of Mandar member and Vigenere boss Malin Genie, with the Dutchman making his first outing on the label in style.

The ‘Main Mix’ of ‘To The Stars’ journeys deep as sharp electronics and sweeping pads zig-zag around the track’s striking bassline to ride the peak time and head into early morning territories, while ‘First Night Out’ flows smoothly into a hazy vocal-tinged ride through skippy drums, swirling melodies and dubby chords. On the flip, ‘Chi Chi Boogie’ lends a subtle nod to the Windy City while looking towards the future as squelchy synths, skittering percussion and rubbery bass licks merge effortlessly, before handing over to Malin Genie as he serves up a lusciously deep and resonant trip with a few slick surprises along the way.

The vinyl package comes with a bonus ‘Dub Mix’ of the title cut as Rocco lays the focus solely on the music to craft a stellar dive through expansive sonics and textures. If you’re after a cosmic journey loaded with classic nuances, look no further.