Steve Bug & Langenberg ‘Emphasizer’

Artists: Steve Bug, Langenberg
Title: Emphasizer
Label: Poker Flat Recordings
Cat: PFR229
Format: Digital
Release Date: April 24th 2020
1. Emphasizer
2. Thierry Moogler

Steve Bug meets again Langenberg for their next release on Poker Flat Recordings, renewing the long time collaboration between them two. This small EP features two warm deep house productions: the title track elogiates the game between the synths, the main melody interfaces itself with the arpeggio pattern and the low pass filtered pad sound, while ‘Thierry Moogler’ rediscover the roots of house music with another sexy melody and a great electro bassline.
Steve Bug and Langberg bring back some simplicity in music production, giving an effective sense to the instruments used and to the songs’ mood.

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