Recondite ‘Taum LP’

Artist: Recondite
Title: Taum
Label: Plangent Records
Cat.: PLANLP002
Format: Digital
Release Date: 14th January 2022 (digital), 25th March 2022 (vinyl)
1) Torpid
2) Resilient
3) Naif
4) Fight Thru
5) Sweet Pain
6) Detach
7) Elation
8) Mutant
9) Scare
10) Qualm
11) Taum

Recondite returns on his own Plangent label for the publication of ‘Taum’, an album with an enigmatic and alternative sound foundation. If you’re into contemporary music, you’ll fastly notice that the maojority of the album’ songs are built upon a hip hop/trap rhythm, but the drums or synths come from a mixture of techno and electronica. The final result shall go in contrast with the expectations caused by the knowledge of mainstream trap music: this thing will definitely open your mind and break any boundaries.

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