Ka§par ‘Gestures Of Release’

Artist: Ka§par
Title: Gestures Of Release
Label: Percebes Musica
Format: Vinyl, digital
Release Date: 14th May 2021
01. Miles Away
02. Gestures of Release
03. Rectify
04. Suave (ft. Helder Russo)
05. Head Down
06. Feelin’ Something
07. Membrana
08. Clone Forge
09. Time Apart (With AL:X, ft. Thunder & Co.)
10. Maritime Myriad (ft. Change Request)

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Ka§par is a long time dj and producer living Portugal, who’s ready to span over the Percebes Musica catalogue with his album titled ‘Gestures Of Release’.
The various tracks preserve a solid house and deep house identity, involving many typical influences from Chicago and Detroit music. Basically all the songs except ‘Time Apart’ are set to ‘four to the floor’ structures, embracing both dark and sunny sonorities. It’s not evident the artist or label’s choice to avoid the introduction of more experimentations and sonoric hazards. Apart this stylistic choice, the overall album is well produced and fits for dancefloor alike environments.

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