Jeroen Search ‘The Cosmic Time’

Artist: Jeroen Search
Title: The Cosmic Time
Label: Prophet Recordings
Cat. #: PRPH021
Format: Digital, vinyl, cassette
Release Date: November 7th 2022
01. Redshift
02. Light Element
03. Cosmology
04. The Age Of Universe
05. Moving Away From Earth
06. Spiral Galaxy
07. Expanding Space
08. Curved Spacetime
09. 440 Years
10. Set To Zero
11. Absence Of Matter
12. Particle Horizon
13. Methuselah Star

Release number 21 in the Prophet Recordings’ catalogue: this time the respectable Jeroen Search, an artist known for his distinctive and interesting style, debuts on the label with nothing less than an album titled ‘The Cosmic Time’. That’s a genuine and intricate ensemble of tracks with a medium duration of five minutes each, which condensate Detroit inspired techno sounds. The playback goes smooth alternating broken beat and traditional 4/4 rhythm structures, allowing slow crescendos, drum machine jammings and an overall sense of freedom, shared through the beauty of all these sounds created and edited expecially for the album.

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