Ramy Mishriky ‘Magical Drums’

Artist: Ramy Mishriky
Title: Magical Drums
Remixer: Sonic Jay
Label: Univack
Cat. #: UV0109
Release Date: Beatport (exclusive) – 08.042022 / other – 22.04.2022
1. Ramy Mishriky – Magical Drums (Orginal Mix) – 122 bpm
2. Ramy Mishriky – Wind Bloom (Orginal Mix) – 120 bpm
3. Ramy Mishriky – Magical Drums (Sonic Jay Remix) – 123 bpm

Univack presents ‘Magical Drums’ an EP by the egyptian (Los Angeles based) Ramy Mishriky. His style is influenced from various music genres such as Jazz, Blues, Eastern music, and a pretty wide range of genres, resulting a complex, organic and deep house sound. This EP is formed by two originals and a more progressive remix by the great and versatil indian artist Sonic Jay.