hanisii ‘klondike’

Artist: hanisii
Title: klondike
Label: Time In The Special Practice Of Relativity
Format: Tape cassette and SD card
Release Date: February 12th 2021
A1. klondike intro
A2. klondike 308
A3. klondike 12.21
A4. klondike 81.18
A5. klondike 6160
B1. klondike 999
B2. klondike 7255
B3. klondike 10.17
B4. klondike 54.24
B5. klondike 404
B6. klondike outro

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The quite underground and unknown artist Hanisii debuts with the album ‘Time In The Special Practice Of Relativity’, that’s a collection of 11 songs which plunge a sophisticated and organic kind of sound, showing off an interesting alternative of techno and its derivates.
The attitude of the whole album is totally dancefloor oriented, even if the various sonorities can seem too experimental or inappropriate, they fits coherently in the modern music styles, bringing some uniqueness and freshness.

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