Maroki ‘Return To The Emerald City’

Artist: Maroki
Title: Return To The Emerald City
Label: Running Out Of Steam
Cat. #: ROOS013
Format: Digital
Release Date: May13th 2022
1. Emerald City
2. Alfred Stole My Brain
3. Talk To Me
4. Total Recall
5. All Be Over
6. Slower

As follow up of the Adam BFD’s release, Running Out Of Steam is ready to unleash another laidback and hypnotizing EP made by Maroki, who delivers ‘Return To The Emerald City’ , a release filled with six interesting productions. The sound quality is surprisingly high andreally covering in the low end; a bizzarre gem is ‘All Be Over’, the unique song to be build into a four to the floor rhythm that slightly detaches from the other tracks. However a rave and typical UK style influence rolls over the playback, adding a unique touch to the overall vibe.

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