ROWA ‘Cucumber’

Artist: ROWA
Title: Cucumber
Label: Traum
Cat. #: Traum V266
Release Date: 06. May 2022
1. Bitter
2. Sweet
ROWA is back again!

After a break of more than one and a half years we see ROWA back on Traum. We are happy to hear that ROWA picked up on his fantastic melodic techno compositions, elaborate and colorful. His music meets the dj world but can be enjoyed also by the listener of today. After hectic & difficult times he has come up with two tracks.

The opening track “Bitter” is a silent ride. From all the tracks he has released on Traum “Bitter” is maybe his most ambitious track to date. The melodic sequences slowly develop and create an introspective dance track par excellence. The music is full of humanity, playfulness and powerful emerging intensity. Straightforward in its brilliance and simplicity, yet carefully measured with a maturity that almost makes us wonder: how did ROWA manage to absorb all these influences and bring them together into a vibrant sound sequence which is ultimately captivating and timeless. We see an artist with his heart on his sleeve, brutally honest. An artist who lays his insecurities on the table. With “Bitter” ROWA establishes an emotional connection through a fascinating balancing act which carries you throughout the track. Welcome back ROWA.

The flip-side is called “Sweet” and puts forward an unconventional effort to place the listener at the center of attention, rather than to enforce a suppressive narrative onto them. The track is peaceful and happy and alternates between these two poles. Seemingly effortless the track makes these changes and sometimes a tiny bit of happiness lurks through the arrangement.