Hologram Teen ‘Pizza Conspiracy’

Artist: Hologram Teen
Title: Pizza Conspiracy
Label: Ransom Note
Cat: RSN25DD
Format: Digital
Release Date: September 4th 2020
1. Élixir Trémolo
2. Dalston Wizardzz
3. Slow Jam Activist
4. Samba De Holograma
5. Rock Eagle Rock
6. Sam Samy Sam
7. Move On Hop!
8. Toast, Marmite, & Crack
9. Okandjambameya
10. Bongos Over Dyke Slope
11. Cosmogatto
12. Africountry
13. Homegirl Is Brick
14. Pharoah For President
15. Boombamakao

Hologram Teen appears on Ransom Note with a dedicated album titled ‘Pizza Consipracy’, it features 15 tracks that reveal to be solid instrumental pieces, these songs cover many styles and influences: the retro feeling aroused from afro, funky and house recall to the cinematic soundscapes noticeable from most of the 80s movies.

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