ITNA ‘Supercinema 004’

Artist: ITNA
Title: Supercinema 004
Label: Supercinema Records
Cat: SCR004
Formats: Digital, vinyl
Release Date: September 3rd 2021
Digital Tracklist:
01- GJ 504 E
02- Kelt 9b
03- Action
04- Face to Face
05- Do You Want To Fly (feat. Jean-Michel Byron)
06- Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite
07- I Don’t Care
08- Eanya
09- We Are Free (feat. Duppy Charles, Claudia Oddo, Leonardo Palese)
10- Hope
11- Xbu
12- Kelt 9b (Francesco Tristano Rework)
Vinyl Tracklist:
A1- ITNA feat. Jean-Michel Byron – Do You Want To Fly
A2- Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite
B1- Kelt 9b (Francesco Tristano Rework)
B2- I Don’t Care

“The music is a soft texture leading the astronauts to their interplanetary journeys.
The visual world is a landscape made of light, intense colours and ethereal sounds.”

That’s the way ITNA propose their brand new album on Supercinema Records, printing that thinking in the artwork. This music collective formed by Edoardo Casto, Ezio Spadafina and Luca Storelli propose a sound concept that range between electronica and rock, passing through techno and trance contaminations. This blend is greatly put into the various tracks, which build an emblematic and futuristic vision of music, keeping high the listener attention during all the album duration. Even if a few songs aren’t mainstream focused, there is some room left for 80s and 90s “four to the floor” oriented rhythms, that enhance the potential engage of the entire album.

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