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With over 200 chart-topping tracks released throughout his career, there is no doubt that Shawn Jackson is a force within Electronic Music, one whose driven determination makes him unstoppable. Label owner, a powerhouse Producer and DJ, and now host of his radio show ‘Higher Grounds Radio’, Shawn Jackson has taken over Electronic Music, making his mark and consistently delivering a creativity that keeps surprising and impressing his followers. As he cements his place as a talented, skilled, and experienced Producer, Shawn Jackson ensures that the influence he has on the landscape of Electronic Music has a permanent impact.

In this interview, we sat down with him to talk more about his upcoming projects.


Hi Shawn, how are you doing?

Hi guys, I’m doing well! Thanks for asking.

Thanks for joining us. Can you give us a sneak peek into your upcoming projects? What can your fans expect from your next releases?

My pleasure! Well, I still have a library of unreleased projects in queue which without sounding like a braggart, are some absolute bangers. I’ve been testing them via an “A” list of DJs and the response has been epic.

You’ve been consistently dropping hard-hitting tracks, could you share any hints about the direction your music is taking in your upcoming releases?

I’ve really been in a more upbeat approach with these upcoming releases. They are not the deep pounders like my previous work, but more energetic and dance friendly which still feature my signature vibe.

We’ve seen you experiment with different styles in your recent releases, are there any specific genres or sounds you’re looking to explore in your upcoming projects?

I am always testing my abilities by making myself uncomfortable, which I have found by doing so, brings great value. Currently, I have a secret release of Melodic Techno coming out on Horatio’s Shodan Records (well, not secret anymore) which I am proud of. These are big sounding festival vibes that have already been received well buy some top DJ’s. You will also see more Techno releases and collaborations coming up.

Collaborations often bring unique flavors to a track; can you reveal if there are any exciting collaborations in the works for your upcoming releases?

Again, some top-secret intel here (lol)…I am working on collaborations with Horatio and my boys at ‘Tech Us Out’ from whom we have seen great charting success and support from the likes of Adam Beyer, Carl Cox and Marco Corola.

The production process can be quite diverse, are there any new techniques or approaches you’re incorporating into your upcoming tracks?

I decided to work a little more outside the box recently and added some new gear to my studio. One major improvement being the Manley MU Compressor/Limiter, which has given my projects a huge sound.

Are there any upcoming shows or tour plans that your fans should mark on their calendars?

Right now, I am in full studio mode until December, and I’ve just hit up ADE in October, aligning my management team and doing a ton of press with my team at MCPR (Matt Caldwell PR) and meet ups with artists and booking agencies. My Higher Ground Radio show is now in 10 countries and growing, which is establishing the SJM brand to a broader audience.

Your previous releases have been well-received by fans and industry professionals alike, how do you manage to maintain that level of quality in your upcoming releases?

Honestly, I have been fortunate to have the luxury of releasing my material on my own labels, and having them be received so well in the industry. I do provide the same quality of music to labels of which I release on other than my own, but having the control to properly promote and market my label releases does play a major factor in the success they receive. You have to remember, this is a business and if you treat it as such, the artistry will be rewarded.

You’ve not only made a name for yourself as an artist but also as a label owner, can you give us a sneak peek into any exciting upcoming releases or projects from your own labels, and how do you curate the sound you want your labels to be known for?

We’ve had some great success with Tres14 Music and consistently charting in the Top 20, Driven and Minordub have also been a key element of discovering great talent and providing artists an outlet. My new venture with AFTRPRTY is a special one, it features 90% of my own work and honestly, my good mates. My 2nd release “It’s Your Fault” is TOP 5 in the Dance/Electro Pop Genre alongside some massive artists, which is a confidence booster for sure, and we’ve only scratched the surface.

With the music industry constantly changing, how are you adapting your strategies to ensure your upcoming projects reach a wider audience and make a lasting impact?

Again, treating it as a business, I incorporate my apparel brands strategically with the labels and releases which leads more music lovers to our music via the apparel line and vice versa. We are always pushing the boundaries in the studio and expressing ourselves via the apparel and brand ambassador program.


We thank Shawn Jackson for his time talking with us, and foresee new milestones and accolades coming his way, with his drive and passion for music and the music business, it is clear that he’s on the way to further cement his name and legacy as an unmissable one in the Electronic music world. Don’t forget to follow him across social media and through his weekly radio show ‘Higher Ground Radio’ available on leading streaming platforms and weekly through YouTube.

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