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BXTR ‘No [Hu]Man’s Land’

Artist: BXTR
Title: No [Hu]Man’s Land
Label: Skryptöm
Cat. #: SKRPT071
Format: Digital
Release Date: July 15th 2022
1 – Holographic Whale Part 1 & 2
2 – Remains Of The Organic Past
3 – Breathless Beings
4 – Altered Memories Of The Crowd
5 – A Distant Bird Song
6 – Silver Shapes
7 – Organic Interlude
8 – Beautiful Voxel Landscapes
9 – It’s Crawling Between Cables
10 – Numerical Birth
11 – Dancing Anthropoids
12 – The Reboot

Futuristic techno takeover: leader of the new school BXTR debuts with his first album on the notorious Skryptom, showing a track selection notable to mention. The song ensemble of ‘No [Hu]Man’s Land’ shows nothing less than an experimentation maelstrom, which floats into techno, breakbeat, ambient and idm, infusing the sounds into a mixture of sonoric freedom and independence. Taken the album as a whole, it demonstrates an artists who figures out his skills while also pushing his behaviour in music production.

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