Alys LF ‘Tuillo EP’

Artist: Alys LF
Title: Tuillo EP
Label: Skryptom
Cat. #: SKRPT078
Format: Digital
Release Date: 12.05.2023
1. Tuillo
2. Cassia
3. Rose
4. Yona

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Skryptom collective spotlight: Alys LF makes her third EP on the label after a span of two years from the last publication (‘Drosera’, March 5th 2021): this one titled ‘Tuillo’ shows since the beginning catchy and industrial focused motifs. The title track goes straight and heavy hitting without any compromise, follows ‘Cassia’ which slows down the heat but makes everything infectious with its arpeggio based main synth. ‘Rose’ brings up the energy recalling the style orientation of ‘Tuillo’, with a pounding and kick and alienating synth or hat loops; that’s in the middle of the track that something happens: an 80s inspired pad sound slowly fades in, adding a unique retro flavor to the whole song. ‘Yona’ closes the EP revealing the explorative side of the Skryptom imprint, there it has been created a sonorous spaciness thanks to broken beat rhythms and various surrounding synth melodies.

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