Frank Maurel & Mario Franca ‘Brainstorm’

Artist: Frank Maurel & Mario Franca
Title: Brainstorm
Label: Sublease Music
Cat.: slm014
Release Date: November 5th 2021
01. Vision
02. Drive Beat

Frank Maurel and Mario Franca meet again for the creation of ‘Brainstorm’, that’s a small two tracker that deserves some attention. While listening to the songs it’s perceivable the experience and the effort put by the producers in the music creation. The least common denominator of the EP is the dancefloor: it’s obvious that the catchyness of both the tracks pop out in the first seconds of playback. ‘Vision’ offers a mental way to interpret tech house because its the dreamy chord pattern, while ‘Drive Beat’ shakes the room with its easy and underground approach to the sounds.

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