Lawrence ‘Gravity Hill EP’

Artist: Lawrence
Title: Gravity Hill EP
Label: Smallville Records
Format: Digital, vinyl
Release Date: 01.03.2024
1. Gravity Hill
2. Beaver
3. The Swamp
4. Stargazer

Chilling and laid back sound palettes: Smallville presents a delicious four tracker composed by Peter Kersten a.k.a. Lawrence (Dial and Laid label manager), featuring different sets of catchy and lo-fi inspired rhythms and melodies. ‘Gravity Hill EP’ opens with the title track, revealing an intriguing and dancefloor inspired vibe. Follows ‘Beaver’ which goes deep and underground, there a bassline, a surrounding white noise and a small chord wink to the dub techno fundamentals. On the flip ‘The Swamp’ shares classy and profund vibes, finally ‘Stargazer’ closes the EP going into experimentation, detaching a little from the other 3 tracks.

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