PACKSHOT Sota - Pelican Club - Up The Stuss

Sota ‘Pelican Club’

Artist: Sota
Title: Pelican Club
Label: Up The Stuss
Cat. #: UTS06
Format: Vinyl / Digital
Release Date: 1st October 2021
1. Pelican Club
2. Serial Position
3. Technicolor
4. No Such Thing

Sota heads to Up The Stuss as the Berlin-based talent drops his ‘Pelican Club’ EP.

A rising artist at the heart of Berlin’s rich house scene, Amsterdam-born DJ and producer Sota looks set to continue his sharp upwards trajectory as a name to know and watch. Welcoming four intelligent, expansive cuts combining slinking low-end grooves, sci-fi electronics, and sweeping interludes, the Dutchman’s ‘Pelican Club’ EP showcases his take on house music for the early morning hours as he touches down on Up The Stuss for the label’s sixth release.

Title cut ‘Pelican Club’ opens the EP with authority as the Dutchman lays down a killer snaking groove line accented by chunky kicks and spiralling electronics, while ‘Serial Position’ showcases a medley of tight percussive grooves alongside bouncy, zipping synth work and airy chords. On the flip, ‘Technicolour’ lays the focus on the drums and synths as wriggling lead lines meet crisp drum licks, before wrapping things up with the sweeping melodies and rolling electronic funk of final offering ‘No Such Thing’.