Philipp Priebe ‘Entfernetre Räume EP’

Artist: Philipp Priebe
Title: Entfernetre Räume EP
Label: Stolar
Cat. #: STÓ011
Format: Digital
Release Date: January 27th 2023
1. Schimmer
2. Singende Fluesse

Philipp Priebe closed the last year with his debut album ‘Apparent Calm Palms’ showing dreamy and minimalistic visions of deep house/tech house, however he’s ready again to delight the audience with some fresh and brand new stuff. ‘Entfernetre Räume’ is a small two track EP which features an intriguing and introspective vibe: it’s gloomy but catchy thanks to the drum and tribal percussions inserted into the instrumental. The whole sound is robust and fixed to a limited set of music gizmos, unfolding a less is more approach to the track creation and allowing the various song parts to convey positive sensations.

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