Mij Mack ‘Elysium’

Artist: Mij Mack
Title: Elysium
Label: Sound Upstairs
Cat: SU003
Format: Digital
Release Date: September 18th 2020
01. Solace
02. Lightrays
03. Beyond Eden
04. I Can Go
05. Lucid Dream
06. Mystic Plane
07. Ride the Wave
08. Tirak
09. Laura
10. Strive

Mij Mack is set to release an album titled ‘Elysium’, where 10 good tracks show a peculiar and interesting style, isnide this enseble the artist put together the classic ‘four to the floor’ productions with electronica ones, giving some sonorous variance to the whole album. The music gently floats into house and deep house, with a contemporary swing: it’s noticeable the producer’s interest to modern sonorities and influences.
We can say that every song of ‘Elysium’ starts from a calm and patient state of mind, an element that surely hinges to Mij Mack’s music production approach.

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