Subradeon ‘Keep Fighting EP’

Artist: Subradeon
Title: Keep Fighting EP
Label: Subradeon Records
Cat. #: SBRDN004
Format: Vinyl/Digital
Release Date: 22nd September 2023
01 Improvement
02 Keep Fighting
03 Brothers And Sisters
04 We Are Still Struggling

Rekids and Hardgroove act Subradeon announce the first in a series of conceptual releases on their self-titled label.

Subradeon’s ‘Keep Fighting’ EP kicks things off with the fantastic ‘Improvement’, a Detroit-inspired techno cut with hi-tek synths and spoken word vocals that muse on self-betterment. The drums are deep and spare, with wet claps and jazzy lines bringing the track to life. ‘Keep Fighting’ is the first in a series of three EPs, each representing three phases of epochal change. This introductory release uses human voices and organic sounds that represent our present, with the title track picking up the pace via thumping, pulsing drums, cosmic synths and chattery percussion.

Next up, ‘Brothers and Sisters’ is another Motor City-influenced track with wispy synths and heavy drum funk made all the more dramatic by the vocal fragments scattered throughout the mix. Closing the release, the urgent, straight-up ‘We Are Still Struggling’ is a hands-in-the-air, synth-laced and sophisticated techno hit that will take any dance floor to the next dimension.

Giuseppe Salone and Salvatore Iannotta form Subradeon, they make driving techno marked by real soul, incorporating elements of house, live sampling and acapella into their tracks on the likes of Rekids, Motech and Hardgroove, while winning the support of artists like DJ Bone, Dave Clarke, and Jennifer Cardini.