TAFKAMP presents Curious Kees

Artist: Curious Kees a.k.a. TAFKAMP
Title: TAR010
Label: TH ± Tar Hallow
Cat. #: TAR010
Format: Digital, vinyl
Release Date: November 25th 2022
1. NL-D1U-22-01001
2. NL-D1U-22-01002
3. NL-D1U-22-01003
4. NL-D1U-22-01004

Pre order link: https://thtarhallow.bandcamp.com/album/tafkamp-presents-curious-kees

TH ± Tar Hallow takeover: Curious Kees a.k.a. TAFKAMP adds his signature into the label’s catalogue with a brand new vinyl, coming soon this week. The four songs simply show the beauty of warehouse oriented techno, filled with repetitive patterns and drum jams that create during the playback an insidious but pleasant sensation. The overall idea behind the creation of this EP is very nice and keeps alive this underground musical trend.

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