TCEP020 - La Llama (Still Burning)

Inámo Feat. Niña Indigo ‘La Llama’

Artist: Inámo Feat. Niña Indigo
Title: La Llama
Label: trueColors
Remixer: Super Flu, Sasha Carassi, Vander
Cat. #: TCEP020
Format: Digital
Release Date: 17.02.2023
01. La Llama (Vocal Mix)
02. La Llama (Still Burning)
03. La Llama (Still Burning) (Dub)
04. La Llama (Super Flu Remix)
05. La Llama (Sasha Carassi Remix)
06. La Llama (Vander Remix)
07. La Llama (Original Mix)

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trueColors is a deep and melodic record label that releases organic house with enchanting melodies and its new release features an original track by imprint favourite Inámo.

Alongside Inámo’s original, the seven-track release also includes remixes by Super Flu, Vander and Sasha Carassi, plus three alternative versions produced by Inámo himself.

Deeply rooted in the nightlife of America’s New York City as a local DJ, promoter and music director, Inámo is a producer whose output has been focused towards the esteemed record labels Earthly Delights and trueColors.

The release features the original mix of “La Llama” plus three alternative remixes all produced by Inámo to express a different mood, energy and atmosphere. It also features the vocals of Spanish singer Niña Indigo who dreamed up the lyrics while meditating.

Super Flu also provide a remix in the melodic style they have championed via their own record label Monaberry, plus other highly respected imprints such as Crosstown Rebels, Stil Vor Talent and Embassy One.

Sasha Carassi first made a name for himself as a techno producer working with the likes of Drumcode, but over the last few years his sound has evolved to get deeper and more melodic. His enchanting melodic remix of La Llama showcases the style that he has recently released via the likes of Solomun’s Diynamic and John Digweed’s Bedrock.

Vander is an exciting up-and-coming talent who has been making waves on the indie dance and organic house scene with his spellbinding releases on the likes of Pipe & Pochet, A Tribe Called Kotori, Happy Camper and The Gardens of Babylon.

La Llama’s ‘Vocal Mix’ opens the release with its flowing conga rhythms, pulsating pads and sensual Spanish vocal sample. Next up is the ‘Still Burning’ version that raises the tempo and draws focus to the synths, while the percussion provides a framework that drives the track. There is also a ‘Still Burning Dub’ that swaps the vocals for more percussion.

Super Flu’s remix adds their own melody synth and they switch up the groove with their own percussive rhythms to transform the track into a quirky and funky slice of melodic house.

Sasha Carassi’s rework transforms the original into melodic house/techno with a dubby pad loop and spine-chilling synths that give the track an epic atmosphere. He also lifts the tempo and uses sections of the original’s vocal to create building tension and mesmerising suspense.

Vander’s remix stays true to the original keeping its main percussive loop and rhythmic synth stabs, but he restructures things to create an immersive indie dance groove that changes the vibe of the original.

The ‘Original Mix’ closes the release, which is a dub version of the Vocal Mix that allows the hypnotic stabs of the lead synths to become a main focal point.

Each of the versions have their own individual vibe and sits somewhere between organic house and melodic house/techno.

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