sprs the creeps remix

Camille Jones ‘The Creeps (Brent Anthony x Act On Remix)’

Artist: Camille Jones
Title: The Creeps (Brent Anthony x Act On Remix)
Label: SPRS [Spinnin] Format: Digital
Release Date: 18.08.2023
1. The Creeps (Brent Anthony x Act On Remix)

Buy link: https://spinninrecords.com/releases/the-creeps-brent-anthony-x-act-on-remix/details

Camille Jones’ ‘The Creeps’ is a popular song released in 2005, it became an instant classic thanks to the Fedde Le Grand remix made in 2007. After 18 years from its born the theme gets a remix treatment by the minds of Brent Anthony and Act On. Their interpretation is catchy and dancefloor oriented, it also introduces the bassline used in the original and some other small synth samples, adaptating that typical infectious vibe into a contemporary and phat instrumental.

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