The Italian Resistance – music against the virus

music against the virus

Compilation: The Italian Resistance – music against the virus
Format: Digital
Release Date: 31 March 2020
Mastered by Giovanni Conti at Artefacts Mastering studio, Berlin
Pic courtesy by Mnemonic
© Suburban Avenue 2020

The Italian Resistance – music against the virus, is a compilation whose sole purpose is to help those who need it right now. All our proceeds will therefore be donated to the Italian Red Cross, engaged in the battle against the Coronavirus, Covid19.

We want to thank all the artists who contributed to this charity initiative with their music; in alphabetical order: Alessandro Adriani, Alfredo Mazzilli, Asymptote, Endrew, Exilles, Fabrizio Lapiana, Fabrizio Rat, Hiver, Kaelan, Kaiser, Kobold, Mattia Trani, Max Durante, Neel, Pearl River Sound, Rebecca Delle Piane, Subradeon, Uncrat, Z.i.p.p.o

Special thanks to our mastering engineer Giovanni Conti, who helped us in this project.

The hope is to return to bloom as soon as possible, like this flower. Pic courtesy: Mnemonic


Music is Freedom. Music is Joy. Sometimes Music is also Responsibility. We want to use our Art to Help out. We want to send a Message, of Love and Hope. For what we can, we’ll do our best, to stop this nightmare as soon as possible. The virus is keeping us away; we need to reduce this distance with the power of Music.


Alessandro Adriani – Strenght Above Reason  
Alfredo Mazzilli – Tundra  
Asymptote – Silent Clouds
Exilles – Acid Rain
Fabrizio Lapiana – Another Space  
Fabrizio Rat – Rise 
Hiver – Mindgames 
Kaelan – Ashes Of Time 
Kaiser – Nati Per Combattere 
Kobold – Reclaim The Streets  
Endrew – Massen
Mattia Trani – Place To Not Be
Max Durante – Italian Resistance
Neel – Stay Home
Pearl River Sound – Massive Testy
Rebecca Delle Piane – Villanelle
Subradeon – We Will All Be Changed
Uncrat – Octy
Z.I.P.P.O – Space, Time