The Outlaws Vol. 2 compiled by Alex “Boshke” Tolstey

Artist: Various
Title: The Outlaws Vol. 2 compiled by Alex “Boshke” Tolstey
Label: Ibogatech Records
Cat. #: IBOGATECH106
Format: Digital
Release Date: 1st October 2021

Alex “Boshke” Tolstey compiles ‘The Outlaws Vol. 2’ for Ibogatech Records this October, featuring Extrawelt, Dusty Kid, Ido Ophir, and more.

Alex Tolstey, also known as Alex Boshke, is a USSR born and Israel raised producer and DJ whose career in electronic music spans over 25 years. As a founder of Boshke Beats Records in 2000, Alex executed more than 250 releases and is well known in the global trance and techno community as one of the originators of psychedelic techno movement over the globe working with artists such acts as Extrawelt, X-DREAM, Fuzzion, Eitan Reiter, ZV_K, Gorovich and more.

Ibogatech Records emerged as a branch of legendary Iboga Records, who launched their techno branch a couple of years ago with a vision to create a platform and home for artists who enjoy blurring the boundaries between genres. Alex Boshke Tolstey knows how to stand against the laws of genre separation, and since the 90s his vision for uniting techno versus trance and melting away the stylistic boundaries has been clear to see, as with his latest edition of ‘The Outlaws Vol. 2’ compilation.

Kicking off the compilation is Russian producer Progus with his mesmerising track ‘Dejavu’, which focuses on glistening synths and shimmering vibrations before exciting Eitan Reiter’s remix of Dusty Kid’s ‘Psika’ delivers rumbling low frequencies and mystical leads. Up next, ‘The Humans’ by North Macedonia’s Zrak fuses spiralling melodies and growling modulations effortlessly whilst Glenn Morrison & Jurek Przezdziecki keep the hypnotic energy flowing through on their track ‘Ordinary Atoms’ as the blissful keys and angelic leads balance gracefully with the resonating kicks. Blending elements of psychedelic trance and melodic techno, Pallida’s ‘Planet C-53’ integrates tense synth patterns and star-gazing fx.

Legendary Hamburg duo Extrawelt offer up their signature otherworldly style in ‘SEM’ as the shaking 909s, rubbery synths, and intricate melodies keep you enticed throughout prior to techno alchemist Nir Shoshani’s ‘Sleeping In the Matrix’ culminating intertwining layers of acid and deep-rooted grooves. Zappy, party banger ‘Promise’ keeps you on your toes before Axel Toben’s ‘Expand Consciousness’ and Extrawelt’s remix of The MFA’ Oranges & Lemons’ progress into dreamy territories as cinematic atmospheres, astral elements take centre stage. Israeli producer and engineer Ido Orphir remix LOUD & Shulman track to round off this emphatic collection of cuts, with silky tonal melodies, entrancing pads and sonic complexities.

1. Progus – Dejavu
2. Dusty Kid – Psika (Eitan Reiter Remix)
3. Zrak – The Humans
4. Glenn Morrison & Jurek Przezdziecki – Ordinary Atoms
5. Pallida – Planet C-53
6. Extrawelt – SEM
7. Nir Shoshani – Sleeping In the Matrix
8. Triac – Promise
9. Axel Toben – Expand Consciousness
10. The MFA – Oranges & Lemons (Extrawelt Remix)
11. LOUD & Shulman – Tales From The Loudmobile (Ido Ophir Remix)