Theiz ‘For The Love EP’

Artist: Theiz
Title: For The Love EP
Label: EPMmusic
Cat. #: EPM102
Format: Digital Download / Streaming
Release Date: 16 December 2022
1. 1000 Year Cycle of The Dragonfly
2. Filtered Reality
3. For The Love
4. Infinite Compassion

EPMmusic rounds off 2022 with a third EP from the rejuvenated production genius of Mathijs Schippers, a.k.a. Theiz.

Theiz is now some 30 years deep in the scene. Having released on labels such as Eevolute, Techno-Tourist and Ear-land Recordings in the late ’90s and early ’00s, Mathijs began producing again in 2015 with no pressure to release – simply just for the sake of making new music. His activity as a music journalist brought him back into contact with the music industry and now freshly motivated, he is firmly in the saddle with this, his third EP and the accompanying album ‘All That Remains’ lined up for early 2023.

As Theiz himself says, “This EP has a more dance floor-oriented sound without losing a certain flow of “hopeful” melancholy. These two elements are reflected in the first track ‘1000 Year Cycle of the Dragonfly’. The title is inspired by a nature documentary I watched around the time I was making the track. The same feeling of hope and maybe the search for spirituality seeps through into the next track ‘Filtered Reality’ in a house-y flow. Then the darker side of melancholy is expressed in ‘For The Love’, the wanting but not always being able to love. The last track of this four-track release, ‘Infinite Compassion’ goes down the same path of its predecessor but takes it a notch deeper to a level of spirituality that I can only experience with music. My hope is to spread the spark that started these four little fires…”