ITAI ‘Unfinished 06 – Speedy Gonzales’

Artist: ITAI
Title: Unfinished 06 – Speedy Gonzales
Label: The Teddy Bear Lounge
Cat. #: TTBL006
Format: Digital
Release Date: 24.11.2023
1. Speedy Gonzales

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ITAI is an organic house artist and saxophonist whose magical style is a downtempo fusion of jazz and electronic beats.

Based in America, ITAI has travelled the world with his unique live set that includes live Saxophone, EWI, Piano and other instruments played live incorporating the looper as a tool to create in-the-moment melodies. ITAI has released music on prestigious record labels ranging from The Soul Brothers’ Talavera Records to Laroz’s Camel Riders. He is a daydreamer whose music often takes influence from his travels and the different cultures he has experienced.

The Teddy Bear Lounge is a record label set up by ITAI to be an outlet for his own productions, and the imprint’s debut series of releases is a musical story titled “The Unfinished Project.” Each release is a chapter in the story, and will culminate as a collection that will enrapture mind, body and soul.

“Speedy Gonzales” is the 6th chapter in the Unfinished series, and it’s inspired by his trips to Central America where he visited places like Mexico and Panama. Inspired by the hot climates and Latino culture, Speedy Gonzales has a sun-drenched sound that warms up the dance floor with its upbeat rhythms.

It’s a downtempo track, but the flowing percussion and flamenco-style guitars fill the groove with offbeat energy that creates a feel-good vibe. ITAI has road-tested different versions of the track in his live performances, and every time the crowd has gone wild with excitement.

Speedy Gonzales opens with a funky bassline and vibrant percussion augmented with whistles and vocal chants. The track unfolds to present flamenco guitars cut by filters to create a trippy atmosphere. Panpipes add to the hip-shaking vibe of this musical masterpiece, which is guaranteed to get people up and dancing.

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