Alinka ‘Day Dreamer’

Artist: Alinka
Title: Day Dreamer
Label: Twirl Recordings
Cat. #: Twirl028
Format: Digital, vinyl
Release Date: 21.07.2023
1. Day Dreamer
2. Learning to Fly
3. Just a Feeling

Twirl Recordings gets a relaunch treatment with Alinka’s ‘Day Dreamer’, a niche release which features three house tracks. The whole EP represents the fulcrum between a flawless Chicago inspired style and well sounding samples/instruments, featuring an intriguing balance between the past and the present. While listening you’ll notice the various arrangements very rooted to the dancefloor, bringing back our memories to unique parties happened so many years ago.

“I wanted to write tracks for the dancefloor that are timeless and channel all the classics I fell in love with in my youth that still hit me the same way today. I wanted to create music that sounds timeless because that’s what Chicago House is to me, my favourite tracks still sound as fresh as they did when I first heard them. That music always brought me a lot of joy and I have so many happy memories surrounding it and Chicago, so when I sat down and started writing that’s what came out, because I think that’s what I needed to channel to feel better.” – Alinka

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