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Raär, Trudge, Tauceti and Sonhan ‘Ceremony, Rituals, Sacrifices’

Artists: Raär, Trudge, Tauceti, Sonhan
Title: Ceremony, Rituals, Sacrifices
Label: Vaerel Records
Formats: Digital
Release Date: December 11th 2020
1. Ceremony I
2. Ceremony II
3. Ceremony III
4. Ceremony IV
5. Rituals I
6. Rituals II
7. Rituals III
8. Rituals IV
9. Sacrifices I
10. Sacrifices II
11. Sacrifices III
12. Sacrifices IV

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Vaerel Records starts to release music also in the “only digital” format with ‘Ceremony, Rituals, Sacrifices’, that’s a collaborative album made by three artists linked to the label: they’re Raär, Trudge, Tauceti and Sonhan. Each word coming from the title track offer four different song interpretations, the result is a listening session made by 12 tracks that range between various organic mixes of ambient, industrial, drone and broken beat techno.

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