PACK SHOT Various Artists (incl. Luigi Madonna, Markantonio, Roberto Capuano & Marco Conte) - Fingerprint - Unrilis

Various ‘Fingerprint’

Artist: Various
Tracks by: Luigi Madonna, Markantonio, Roberto Capuano & Marco Conte
Title: Fingerprint
Label: Unrilis
Cat. #: UNRILIS100
Format: Digital
Release Date: 23rd December 2022
01 Roberto Capuano – Climax
02 Luigi Madonna – Fake Mirror
03 Markantonio – Bangers
04 Marco Conte – People

Legendary Neopolitan techno label Unrilis close out 2022 with compilation featuring Luigi Madonna, Markantonio, Roberto Capuano and Marco Conte.

For more than 15 years, Rino Cerrone’s Unrilis have been at the top of their game, pushing its rolling brand of techno from the Naples scene that has spawned the likes of Joseph Capriati, Luigi Madonna and Markantonio. Now closing out the year with their 100th release, they round up a world-renowned crew of artists from the label for a VA titled ‘Fingerprint’, serving as a reference point for their identity, sound and style throughout the years.

Napoli techno lynchpin Roberto Capuano opens the release with the aptly named ‘Climax’. Sequenced sirens are intertwined with tough beats before a mammoth breakdown showcases his mastery over suspense and release. Next up, LuigiMadonna provides pure, hedonistic techno power via ‘Fake Mirror’, a speedy, thumping rhythm fused with hypnotic arpeggios. Markantonio then throws ‘Bangers’ into the mix, a classic, analog-feeling track boasting catchy synth lines and a funky, retro dialogue snippet. Audiomatiques, now going by his given name Marco Conte, finishes things up with ‘People’ in which futuristic, warped vocals are offset by chants while distorted synths filter through sturdy kickdrums.