Martin Merz ‘Planet Henri’

Artist: Martin Merz
Title: Planet Henri
Label: Vordergrundmusik
Cat. #: VGM031
Format: Digital, vinyl
Release Date: 30.06.2023
1) Raumfahrtkapitän Henri
2) A Long Way Home
3) Rigolith
4) Albedo
5) Fluchtgeschwindigkeit
6) Aphel
7) A Perfect Sphere
8) Is This Your Unit
9) Bleakness
10) Triton Swing By

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Martin Merz’ ‘Planet Henri’ is his third studio album that represents an explorative journey in the realms of electronic music. The whole sound seems a big question mark, at times enigmatic. It isn’t oriented on precise dancefloor inspired styles, it doesn’t even unbalance on precise genres, but it constantly fuels a suspended and attractive mood: that’s the strength point of the album. The various motifs, evoked by well researched synths, convoy the artist’s identity through the sounds, showing the effort put into the songs creation. ‘Planet Henri’ is out now and available on both digital and vinyl formats.

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