Novem Vivit ‘Purple Rays’

Artist: Novem Vivit
Title: Purple Rays
Label: Viventem
Cat. #: VIV025
Format: Digital
Release Date: 07.12.2023
1. Purple Rays

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Novem Vivit unleashes sonic fire with the release of his latest Techno production, ‘Purple Rays’; set for release via his own label, Viventem, this new track from the talented Producer and DJ is sure to impress with its thumping beats, hypnotic bassline, and dynamic energy. Known for a signature style that blends elements from Trance, Progressive House, and Techno, Novem Vivit has been making waves across the landscape of Electronic Music, establishing a prominent place on the scene as an influential innovator.

As he continues to carve out a unique path within the genre, continually striking back with new and exciting ways to express his creativity, Novem Vivit emerges as a powerful presence within the world of Electronic Music; invigorating the scene with his signature hard-hitting production style and mesmerising live DJing, this is a Producer and DJ whose determination to stand out appears as the foundation to his creative pursuits. Having had numerous career highlights to date, including taking to the stage at the legendary New York spot, Pacha, and receiving support from top industry names like Umek, Mark Reeve, and Metodi Hristov, Novem Vivit has an undeniable talent when it comes to music production and performance: a talent that is sure to keep pushing him towards the forefront of the genre and seeing genre enthusiasts captivated by his bold ingenuity. Now, as he presents this new release, Novem Vivit provides an enthralling sonic experience like no other, one that is sure to gain attention and admiration from Electronic Music lovers around the globe.

Featuring a pounding beat and growling underlying bass, the soundscape of ‘Purple Rays’ is undeniably intense. With pulsating rhythms, electrifying melodic details, and a driving hook, the track delivers an energy unmissable in its relentless force; the addition of processed vocal samples and filtered synth hits adds to the spellbinding vibes of the production, hypnotising listeners with a sonic journey magnetic in character.

‘Purple Rays’ epitomises Novem Vivit’s powerful signature production style, presenting an auditory adventure that will no doubt make an impact, leaving listeners desperate to hear more. So, be sure to follow Novem Vivit across social media to stay up-to-date on his upcoming releases and performances, as this is a Producer and DJ you don’t want to miss. ‘Purple Rays’ is out now via Viventem and available in all major online stores and leading streaming platforms.

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