William Arist ‘Neo Groove EP’

Artist: William Arist
Title: Neo Groove EP
Label: Mind Medizin
Cat. #: MDZN010
Format: Digital
Release Date: 17th February 2023
01 Neo Groove I
02 Neo Groove II
03 Neo Groove I (Truncate Remix)

South American techno producer William Arist steps up to Lady Tazz’s Mind Medizin for a new single with an infectious remix from Truncate.

William Arist hails from Montevideo and has a heavy take on techno that has seen him release on Uncage, Planet Rhythm and Bek Audio. He runs his own Perseverancia Records and has had the likes of Joel Mull and Richie Hawtin playing his tracks. He is also a teacher who owns the Espacio Sonoro music school and lays down a fine lesson in tech on this brand-new EP.

The steamy ‘Neo Groove I’ is intense and edgy techno with tightly woven synths, drums and bass. It’s a never-ending trip through desolate industrial spaces that manages to hypnotise while offering plenty of cinematic details. ‘Neo Groove II’ layers up twisted metal sounds with big, icy hi-hats. The punchy drum loops are warm and packed with pent-up energy, and as the synths come and go, the tension rises and falls to always keep you guessing.

L.A.-based Truncate is renowned for his rolling techno style, coming on labels like 50Weapons, CLR, Ovum, and his own eponymously titled imprint. This remix is another classic, with infectious techno drum funk laid down in signature Truncate style. Pulsing synths are stitched in next to rusty hi-hats to make for a raw, heads-down stomper.

‘Neo Groove EP’ is another subversive techno outing for Lady Tazz’s always on-point Mind Medizin label.