Ludwig A.F. ‘Air’

Artist: Ludwig A.F.
Title: Air
Label: Exo Recordings
Cat. #: xin009
Format: Digital, vinyl
Release Date: October 7th 2022
1. Air
2. Sequoia
3. Onsen Dream
4. Mycena Lux Coeli
5. Oak
6. Glass
7. Marbles
8. Ikebana Arpeggio
9. Tau
10. Feather

“This is a very personal collection of ten pieces inspired by a special location near my home in the Taunus region of Germany.” Ludwig explains, “I recorded the songs as soon as I returned to my studio, inspired by the atmosphere of the place, I kept going back and I kept being inspired! I have been collating the pieces over the course of almost a decade”. 

Ludwig A.F. shows a charming and radiant sound through the songs of the forthcoming ‘Air’ album. To be released through his label Exo Recordings Intl., there are already available as extracts ‘Sequoia’ and ‘Marbles’, which give an assage of the album music.

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