yunis ‘Amygdala’

Artists: yunis, Rohaan, SRP
Title: Amygdala
Label: YUKU
Cat: YUKU002
Formats: Digital, vinyl
Release Date: September 10th 2020
01. yunis x SRP – Kosmos
02. yunis – Fractals
03. yunis – Dirty Solo
04. yunis – Her
05. yunis – Hiding Place
06. yunis – Limbic (Value of Stimuli)
07. yunis x Rohaan – Ajna

This release detaches from the stuff we’re used to feature, but it definitely catch our attention because its sound spaciness and the style itself. The music producer yunis debuts on YUKU with a seven track release under the name ‘Amygdala’, carrying an explorative side of the drum ‘n’ bass genre. Kickdrums hit the patterns with a less frequence, allowing all the other sounds – expecially the reese bass – to breathe in the sound spectrum. There the whole sound intensifies when come across with other influences coming from bass music, electro, dubstep and sometimes hip hop too: that’s an interesting mix which let each track to share an organic nature.

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