yvat & dov meraki ‘pandemic’

Artist: yvat & dov meraki
Title: pandemic
Label: Detroit Underground
Cat. #: detund ltd 78

The newest album from yvat in collaboration with dov meraki , entitled Pandemic, traces anxiety, crisis fatigue and feelings of lose and missing out of the past year and invite to rediscover the pleasures of listening to music as an act of self-care and increased quality of living.

It will obsess you with its haunting melodic lines, touchy voices and sensitive lyrics. For this particular album, the statement is ”music on, while the world is off”.

Yvat is an artist of electronic music, sound designer and producer with an impressive body of works of more than 50 albums released over the past years.
He brings the perspective of an sound engineer in well crafted compositions, by pursuing the quality of original sound, accurate mathematics of lines and beautiful spatiality and dynamics.
Dov Meraki, is a gifted young jazz singer with a playful, crystal clear, yet sensual voice.