Across Boundaries ‘Sense Of Future’

Artist: Across Boundaries
Title: Sense Of Future
Label: Up The Stuss
Cat. #: UTS13
Format: Vinyl / Digital
Release Date: 28th July 2023
1. Sense Of Future
2. Strummer
3. Nightcreeper
4. Cold December
5. Daydreamer [Digital Bonus] 6. Extract [Digital Bonus]

Chris Stussy and Locklead unite for the debut of their new Across Boundaries project, with the pair releasing their six-track ‘Sense Of Future’ EP on Up The Stuss.

The results are often impressive when fresh collaborations challenge artists to push one another. But when you add in an extra element, true friendship, things are taken to another level. Enter Up The Stuss head honcho Chris Stussyand fellow Dutch wunderkid Locklead, as the pair unveil their brand new project – Across Boundaries.

Revealing a selection of productions created together across the past eighteen months, their debut ‘Sense Of Future’ is an exemplary display of their individual styles flowing effortlessly around one another – bringing those signature sounds you’ve come to know and love within an entirely new dynamic. The EP comes loaded with four tracks drawing from minimal, electro and house spheres across another trademark wax for vinyl lovers, with two scintillating cuts available strictly as digital bonuses. As Stussy jokes, it’s like ‘Christmas during summer’, and the gifts are incoming…