Ornery ‘Sulfur’

Artist: Ornery
Title: Sulfur
Label: Audere
Cat. #: AUD012
Format: Digital
Release Date: 29.03.024
1. Original Mix
2. Beatless Mix

Talented Techno Producer Ornery, returns with his latest release, “Sulfur,” taking listeners on an enthralling adventure to another dimension. Infusing a diverse array of influences from across the Electronic Music spectrum, Ornery’s music resonates with audiences worldwide; crafting intricate sonic landscapes of anthemic melodies, dynamic productions, and bold rhythms, Ornery consistently pushes creative boundaries in his music to appear as a fresh and exciting addition to the world of Electronic Music. As he releases this thrilling production via his own imprint, Audere, Ornery once again offers to take listeners into new sonic territories, delivering a track distinct in its innovative sound.

Embarking on his solo music venture, Ornery swiftly garnered attention with his debut EP, “Evolution,” achieving remarkable success and paving the way for a thriving career. With releases on labels like Aesthetika, Flemcy Music, Grey Bar Hotel, Kitchen Recordings, Sync Forward, and Vesta Records, Ornery’s dedication to Electronic Music shines through, showcasing his evolution and commitment as a passionate producer. Having developed a signature style that appears as dark as it is intense, Ornery’s sonic identity continues to draw listeners in, hypnotising them with its emotive and moving nature. This unique sound, along with Ornery’s unwavering passion for the genre, positions him as a talent worth following closely, setting him on a path to reach new successes as he continues to showcase an artistry unlike any other.

“Sulfur” introduces listeners to a captivating journey with luminous risers, pulsating beats, and commanding bass lines; with vibrant synths, rhythmic cadence, and melodious refrains sustaining an energetic momentum, listeners are offered an immersive musical experience, one that will surely leave an impression. A production whose sonic makeup appears as a powerful showcase of Ornery’s ingenuity and originality, “Sulfur” has all it takes to become a favourite amongst both Ornery’s fans and lovers of the style, mesmerising them with its mighty and intriguing sound.

So, be sure to explore “Sulfur” to witness Ornery’s uplifting creativity and stay connected with him on social media for updates on his latest works and performances; available for streaming and download on various platforms, “Sulfur” delivers an engaging auditory experience for all Techno lovers.

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