PACK SHOT Various Artists - The Great Ennead - Sounds of Khemit

VA ‘The Great Ennead’

Artist: Various
Title: The Great Ennead
Label: Sounds of Khemit
Cat. #: SOK011
Format: Digital
Release Date: 9th September 2022
01 LADS – Tales of the Orient
02 Turu Anasi – Luciérnagas Mágicas
03 Olivan – Stretch The Wings
04 K-os Theory, Soul Of Zoo – Whispers of the Past
05 Nhii – Sandstone
06 Somelee – All I Want
07 Solidmind – Paragon
08 Solar Kings – Ateik Ateik
09 bawab – Seaward

Sounds of Khemit celebrate the Great Ennead with a fantastic new collection of nine tracks from some of their key associates.

The inspiration for this collection is explained by the label who say, “The Great Ennead is a group of nine Masters that are responsible for running and administering the bigger plan of creation. They are considered a high council or hierarchy that takes orders from the one Creator and execute it accordingly. Every one of the Great Ennead holds specific characteristics and excels in it to perfection. The Masters of the great Ennead occasionally get reincarnated in different periods of time and to different nations worldwide. They would be known under different names to different cultures but their mission and task remains the same. ”

Every master of the great Ennead owns a range of complex characteristics that have been explained in detail in previous Sounds of Khemit releases. Essentially, their mission is to bring light from darkness, which is mirrored by the label and this fantastic new collection of house sounds.

LADS kicks it off with ‘Tales of the Orient,’ an eight-minute masterclass in deep, spiritual and hypnotic house. Turu Anasi’s ‘Luciérnagas Mágicas’ rolls on lovely lazy drums with glistening melodies and languid horns while Olivan’s ‘Stretch The Wing’ brings intoxicating Middle Eastern sounding Melodies over snaking drums and soft shakers. When K-os Theory and Soul Of Zoo come together on ‘Whispers of the Past’ they summon spine tingling vocals and wispy melodies that draw you in deep over pillowy but propulsive house beats.

The excellent ‘Sandstone’ by Nhii is another great marriage of the ancient and the contemporary with its earthy percussion and deft synth design. Somelee’s ‘All I Want’ then strikes a dreamy pose with soft focus piano chords and shuffling beats. There is a darker mood to Solidmind’s late night house cut ‘Paragon’ but Solar Kings bring back the light with their elegant and glassy keys on ‘Ateik Ateik.’ bawab closes down with ‘Seaward’, an elastic groove brilliantly detailed with whispers, wooden hits and plunging bass.

These are shamanic and cultured house sounds that bring worldly references to the dance floor with plenty of style.


Brandski ‘Arena EP’

Artist: Brandski
TItle: Arena EP
Label: Mélopée Records
Release Date: 5-10-22

Brandski is back with a wonderful italo piece.The talentuous French artist, real spearhead of the label, delivers a perfect track full of joy : 80’s inspired rhythm, positive and melodic leads, cosmic pads. Mathias proves once again that he can breathe new life into the Italo music. This single is also the perfect time to announce that Brandski is going to release his debut album in early 2023. And we are really very proud because this gem will be released on Mélopée Records !To complete the original “Arena”, nothing better than welcoming two geniuses of the new Italo scene : Chinaski and Emmet Read. Whatever originals or remixes he does, we are never disappointed by the musical vision of Chinaski. He drops here a perfect dancefloor Italo remix. Each sound is so well choosen, bringing a perfect retro-cohesion. The original is sublimated but its soul is saved. Finally, the UK producer Emmet Read reinvents, with brio, “Arena” through an epic and cosmic remix. The track rise is magnificent, full of emotion. And when the music goes, the dancefloor is conquered !


Rob StrobE ‘Conviction EP’

Artist: Rob StrobE
Title: Conviction EP
Label: Motech Records
Cat. #: MT155
Format: Digital
Release Date: 23 September 2022
1. Shaped
2. Conviction
3. Unbranded
4. Mind The Gap

Rob StrobE returns to Detroit’s Motech Records with his follow-up to last year’s ‘Home EP’.

Before moving to the beautiful and relaxing countryside in the north of Frankfurt, StrobE finalized this second EP for Motech. His new ‘Conviction EP’ is comprised of his very own signature sound, dedicated to his home and family in Detroit and to dancers and lovers around the globe.

First track, ‘Shaped’ delivers a modern approach to the classic sound of Detroit based on 909 drumming, a bouncing pad surrounded by quirky 303-ish sounds and jammed live for your pleasure with minimum editing to keep the vibe alive. ‘Conviction’ follows
With its modular jam; a straight edit for explicit night club ab-use! Stripped back Detroit-Techno to the max.

On ‘Unbranded’, the marching bass is surrounded by 909-styled drumming, to take you into the late hours with this marvellous grooving techno tool. Before final track ‘Mind the Gap’ brings sample-based techno for those freak-out hours.

As Rob himself says: “Play them loud!”


Adam Beyer & Bart Skils ‘Your Mind’ (Charles D Remix)

Artist: Adam Beyer & Bart Skils
Your Mind
Charles D
Label: Drumcode
Cat. #: DCX004
Release date: September 2nd, 2022
Format: Digital / Vinyl
A1. Adam Beyer & Bart Skils ‘Your Mind’ (Charles D Epic Mix)
B1. Adam Beyer & Bart Skils ‘Your Mind’ (Charles D Acid Mix)

One of the biggest tracks in Drumcode’s history gets the remix treatment from a rising American producer Charles D.

Adam Beyer & Bart Skils ‘Your Mind’ is a classic of the form, streamed over 38M times and judged by Mixmag as one of the greatest techno tracks of all time. Indeed, every Drumcode fan has a special place in their heart for the anthem from 2018.

Emerging NYC producer/DJ Charles D becomes just the second artist to officially remix the legendary track. His ‘Epic Mix’ is a chugging end-of-night weapon that was first played by Adam Beyer to close out Awakenings at the Gashouder during ADE last year. It further soundtracked events including Movement Detroit and EDC.

The vinyl release includes a ‘Acid Mix’, which first got Adam Beyer’s attention when Charles emailed him last summer. The re-rub is a thrilling progressive acid re-interpretation, putting a very fresh spin on the original.

More info:


Ekzon ‘Infinite Circus’

Artist: Ekzon
Title: Infinite Circus
Label: Sf Records
Cat. #: SFREC006
Release Date: 21-9-22
1. Infinite Circus
2. Infinite Circus (Tensai remix)
3. Another Place
4. Interpolar
5. Mimetic Forms

Ekzon will release a new EP “Infinite Circus”’ on Sf Records.
It contains 4 tracks that have in common the representative sound of the french artist.
Analog sound patterns that he elaborates with modular synthesizers and transport you to an experimental and hypnotic atmosphere. Between drums and a rich bass, the EP is made up of very organic and shiny drums. This complete EP is the result of tribal and futuristic influences.
“Another place” is the quieter, more uptempo track, with a very punchy, bouncy chord around a heavy low kick.
“Mimetic Forms” is more melodic with an arpeggio accompanied by a big white noise playing with it.
“Infinite Circus” is purely synthetic and more enveloping. The remixed version of Tensal is as well made for the club and is very effective for a peak moment.


Anwei Huss  ‘Huss EP’

Artist: Anwei Huss
Title:  Huss EP
Label: Huss Recordings
Release Date: Friday, September 23 2022
1. Saria (Autumn in Spring)
2. Moongazer
3. Sienna

Huss EP marks the debut release from Anwei Huss. The EP boldly carves out a unique stylistic space for itself within the landscape of contemporary electronic music, and sits between ‘armchair’ and ‘club’ music. The record draws upon organic soundscapes that are at once ethereal and balearic, and thoughtfully counterbalanced with deep, melodic rhythms and crisp, driving percussion. Acoustic and electronic instruments are blended with home and field recordings, creating a textured and dreamlike musical journey through comfort, disquiet and reflection.

The opening track Saria (Autumn in Spring) combines recordings of forest leaves, woodland footsteps and natural sounds with deep rhythms and psychedelic melodies. The result is an imagined journey through a dreamlike forest, charged by pulsating percussion and echoing electronica. Nostalgic samples from game levels of yesteryear are edited and tweaked into delay-driven and reverb-saturated versions, further adding to the otherworldly atmosphere of the track.

The second offering on the A-side, Moongazer, explores more ambient, ethereal soundscapes, and contrasts these with a deeper, darker rhythm and bassline. Here, experiments with percussive sounds and sonic textures conjure feelings of abstract daydreams and late night moongazing. Subtle and skilful sound manipulation underpins the production; enticing the listener with dynamic stereo and equalisation techniques alongside constantly evolving soundscapes and minimal-inspired musings.

The closing track Sienna – which makes up the entire B-side of the record – moves things into darker, more dubbed out territories. Rhythm and texture combine through deep bass elements, analogue hiss and effects-driven noise recordings that bounce and echo amid a spacey, balearic-tinged moodscape. Throughout, the laid-back tempo, driving percussion and quietly cosmic pad atmospheres come together to induce feelings of beachey psychedelia and infectiously nostalgic grooves.

The vinyl for this release has been produced using eco-conscious materials and processes. The records are pressed on 100% recycled granulate in a zero-waste factory, with a recycled kraftpack sleeve and eco-friendly labels and ink. Vinyl is available directly from the artist/label or in all good record stores from September 23, 2022. Follow or get in touch with the artist for information on vinyl pre-orders.


Robert Hood ‘Hectic / Amazon Dust’

Artist: Robert Hood
Title: Hectic / Amazon Dust
Label: M-Plant
Cat. #: M.PM44
Format: Vinyl / Digital
Release Date: 23 September 2022
A. Hectic
AA. Amazon Dust

Following a series of remastered gems from M-Plant’s back catalogue for the “Perpetual Masters” series, Robert Hood now delivers his first new release since his 2021 Monobox album.

The release features two peak-time heavy hitters, starting out with ‘Hectic’ and its siren-like stabs calling out for people to join the dancefloor, while building the tension throughout; a skill for which Hood has become well known for.

Meanwhile ‘Amazon Dust’ takes things deeper and is somewhat reminiscent of the work on his Monobox ‘Regenerate’ album of last year.


Various ‘EPM20/RMXS’

Artist: Various
Title: EPM20/RMXS
Label: EPMmusic
Cat. #: EPM100 / EPM25V
Format: Digital / Vinyl
Released: 16 September 2022
A1. Regis – ‘Beyond The Reach Of Time (Shed Remix)’
A2. Freddie Fresh – ‘ProMars (CYRK Remix)’
AA1. Bryan Chapman – ‘Io (Inigo Kennedy Remix)’
AA2. Paul Mac – ‘Nothing Remains (Works Of Intent Remix)’

For EPMmusic’s 100th release we’re throwing it back to another milestone. Last year, EPM celebrated 20 years in the business of Digital Distribution and Rights Management with a series of vinyl EPs and a compilation on our in-house label. Now we’ve enlisted Shed, CYRK, Inigo Kennedy and Works of Intent – all artists who we’ve had the pleasure to work with in the last 2 decades – to remix some of those ‘EPM20’ tracks.

On the A-side, the highly acclaimed and always uncompromising Shed (one of the many aliases of Berlin’s René Pawlowitz) delivers a raw and tribal take on Regis ‘Beyond The Reach Of Time’. From one legend to a current Electro phenomenon CYRK, fresh off the back of their collaborative ‘Freundschaft’ album on Burial Soil turn their hand to Freddie Fresh’s ‘ProMars’ adding their own style of tuff ‘lectro funk.

Flip over for one of the UK’s Techno warriors, Inigo Kennedy, as the Asymmetric man goes all out on his ominously epic and bass laden remix of ‘Io’ by Bryan Chapman. To close the EP is UK electronic artist and DJ, Works of Intent (f.k.a. R.O.S.H) with a twisted remix of Paul Mac’s ‘Nothing Remains’ bringing in elements of rave, breaks and sci fi sonics.

PACKSHOT DJ Steaw - Come Along EP (incl. M-High & Mateo Dufour Remixes) - Swerve Digital

DJ Steaw ‘Come Along EP’

Artist: DJ Steaw
Title: Come Along EP
Remixer: M-High & Mateo Dufour
Label: Swerve Digital
Cat. #: SWD080
Format: Digital
Release Date: 2nd September 2022
1. Come Along
2. The End Of Time
3. Come Along (M-High’s Turned On Remix)
4. The End Of Time (Mateo Dufour Remix)

DJ Steaw returns to Swerve Digital for his first EP on the label ‘Come Along’, backed by remixes from M-High and Mateo Dufour.

A favourite for many, Rutilance Recordings and House Puff Records boss DJ Steaw has carved a sound fusing classic house touches with his forward-thinking approach to the genre. Releasing material via Kaoz Theory, Madhouse and PIV, the Paris-based DJ, producer and label boss’ slick and sophisticated records are regularly supported by the scene’s biggest names while playing across Europe’s most renowned venues himself. Having touched down on the label to remix residents TwoSlice at the end of 2021, late September sees a return to Swerve Digital as he unveils his latest EP ‘Come Along’ – with PIV A&R M-High, and Key Records linchpin Mateo Dufour joining on remix duties.

Title cut ‘Come Along’ showcases the Frenchman’s ability to flow effortlessly between old-school influences and future- focused sonics as he delivers a skippy production guided by bubbling leads, off-kilter low-ends and sweeping pads, while ‘The End Of Time’ switches things up as dubby stabs and swirling electronics merge with echoed vocals to head to hazy late night territories.

Serving up his take on the lead track, M-High’s ‘Turned On Remix’ welcomes a garage-tinged ride through funky basslines and infectious vocal hooks, before Mateo Dufour’s remix of ‘The End Of Time’ closes the package in style as he weaves organic drums with trippy vocal snippets and zig-zagging melodies for a cavernous terrace anthem.

PACK SHOT Jauri - Kannibal - Mind Medizin Records

Jauri ‘Kannibal EP’

Artist: Jauri
Title: Kannibal EP
Label: Mind Medizin Records
Cat. #: MDZN006
Format: Digital, vinyl
Release Date: 31st August 2022
01 Kannibal
02 Kannibal (Mark Broom Remix)

Influential Colombian artist Jauri steps up to Lady Tazz’s carefully curated Mind Medizin Records with a dark and steamy new techno single that includes a Mark Broom remix. 

Jauri is well known in the Colombian scene as a founder of BIMOL, a well-regarded live electronic duo. This young producer has been making waves with his own textured music on labels like Kontra and now impresses with this new record.

The fantastic ‘Kannibal’ is a straight-up banger with unrelenting drums. They are well swung and heavy, with surging synth lines cantering above and incendiary hi-hats in icy ringlets. It’s a darkened warren of sound that stems you ever further down a rabbit hole in a hypnotic fashion.

The remix comes from UK techno legend Mark Broom who crafts booming kicks and powerful bass like no other. His brilliant take is more stripped back. The cantering drums are grainy and dusty, with howling synth winds blowing over the face of the track as hammering hits grow in intensity.

This is another subversive and powerful techno offering from Lady Tazz’s essential Mind Medizin Records.