Raffaele Attanasio ‘Nuovo Futuro’

Artist: Raffaele Attanasio
Title: Nuovo Futuro
Label: Axis Records
Cat: AX099
Format: Vinyl, digital
Release Date: March 12th, 2021
01. Parlesia
02. Equilibrio Dinamico
03. Indagini Sospette
04. La città gioca d’azzardo
05. Equilibrio Dinamico (Midnight’s Mix)
06. Parlesia (Alternate Version)
07. La città gioca d’azzardo (Alternate Version)
08. Equilibrio Dinamico (Alternate Version)
09. Invito a Cena (Digital Bonus)

We’ve been used to associate the name and the music of Raffaele Attanasio with techno, but this time he stunts everyone with this composition, detaching himself from electronic music: ‘Nuovo Futuro’ is a nine track album that mostly features jazz instrumentals with piano jams, sexy drum patterns and inculcating basslines. The ‘Alternate Versions’ of each song add a house swing to the track structure, as happen with the ‘Equilibrio Dinamico (Midnight Mix)’ that includes a gloomy kind of deep house.
‘Nuovo Futuro’ will be exclusively hosted on Jeff Mills’ Axis Records.

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