Berllioz ‘Aphetidae EP’

Artist: Berllioz
Title: Aphetidae EP
Label: Heion Records
Cat. #: HEION001
Release Date: – Monday, March 1 2021
Berllioz – Mo Orea
Berllioz – A2 Faka Urea
Berllioz – B1 Aphetidae

Three widescreen trips from the studio of Berllioz, one of foremost exponents of modular synthesis. Each track uses space and depth to conjure a refined and enveloping atmosphere. The jazzy percussion and drizzly chords of ‘Mo Orea’ bring to mind a clandestine bar in a film noir. The chatter and hubbub on ‘Faka Urea’ is brighter, matching the steppy groove. Finally, ‘Aphetidae’ is an epic, taking in a massive walking bassline, orchestral swells and an extended ambient.