Wayward ‘Waiting For The World’

Artist: Wayward
Title: Waiting For The World
Label: Silver Bear Recordings
Cat: beardcd002d
Release Date: March 26th 2021
1. Waiting For The World
2. All A Bit Mad
3. Back To The Old Days
4. Canvey Island
5. Casper (Part 1)
6. Casper (Part 2)
7. Thirty Three
8. Jill
9. Ridge Road
10. Bright

London (UK) based duo Wayward debuts with the album ‘Waiting For The World’, a ten track collection that spans various faces of electronic music, winking to the dancefloor oriented styles. The productions merge a great sound (the quality is high and well crafted) with an emotive side, each song is capable to arouse different sensations.
Every style introduced in ‘Waiting For The World’ add a peculiar sound identiy that coexist harmonically and smoothly. In the overall the Wayward’s album marks a nice arriving point for their career, showing off their production skills and the interest to going deep into music exploration.

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