Franz Kirmann ‘Forget Me Not’

Artist: Franz Kirmann
Title: Forget Me Not
Label: Bytes
Cat. #: BYTES17
Format: Cassette and digital
Release Date: April 1st, 2022
1 Vestiges
2 A Remembrance
3 Always
4 Soupirs
5 Your Tenderness
6 Turbulences
7 Homesick
8 Fleurs De Ruine
9 Monbijou
10 Forget Me Not

Franz Kirmann (Piano Interrupted duo, Days Of Being Wild records) has been busy in the last months for the composition of ‘Forget Me Not’, that’s his six studio album to be out in the next month on the label Bytes. Even if these hard times seem to don’t leave space to people for watching into themself, the ambient and electronica motifs of this album bring the listeners into an introspective mood and meditative experience, without feeling the pressure of the music you’re listening to.

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