CM007_Cover_Nu Azeite - Me Deixa Louca-1000

Nu Azeite ‘Me Deixa Louca feat. Bia Barros’

Artist: Nu Azeite
Title: Me Deixa Louca feat. Bia Barros
Label: Cocada Music
Cat. #: CM007
Release Date: 6th November 2020

Get Physical’s excellent sister imprint, Cocada Music has showcased some of the finest electronic producers in Latin America with a pair of well received compilations and various EPs. Now, the carefully curated off-shoot turns its focus to multi-talented Brazilian disco-funk duo Nu Azeite, who are to put out two new singles this year, followed by a stunning self-titled debut album in January 2021.

Nu Azeite is made up of two creative minds from Rio de Janeiro: Fabio Santanna and Bernardo Campos. Fabio is a prolific musician who played keys with iconic MPB stars like Marcos Valle and João Bosco, while Bernardo is one of the best house and disco DJs in the city, and resident of the famous RARA party and Pato com Laranja bar. With all their years of playing, recording and collecting, the duo offer up a cultured collision of MPB and house, funk and 80s disco with oodles of tropical percussion and jazzy riffs. All of this feeds into this new single, as well as the full length self-titled album which brims with Brazilian references, comes imbued with a knowledge of disco rarities and a love of contemporary electronic sounds.

Immediately infectious and feel good lead single ‘Me Deixa Louca’ swoons its way into your affections right from the off with its neat, knotted and funky bass riff. The whole track brims with life and vitality from trilling guitar riffs, sci-fi effects and cosmic leads. The colourful track is lit up further by Bia Barros’s vocal work which brings the soul up top.

Second single ‘Vem Com Noix’ will arrive in December and, along with this dazzling first offering, gives a wonderful insight into the unique musical fusions of Nu Azeite.