D.In.Ge.Cc.O. ‘Bacanadera Butterfly’

Artist: D.In.Ge.Cc.O.
Title: Bacanadera Butterfly

Bacanadera Butterfly is the return journey of the unconscious through the images, sounds, emotions rediscovered in the first Bananadera.

Jazz, Funk, instruments and suggestions of South American music take on more European connotations, are enriched with more lounge atmospheres and a greater presence of sinths.

While remaining influenced by the magic of tribal rhythms, the evocative atmospheres are more familiar. However, the dreamy and psychedelic imaginative dream that reveals itself with its rarefied and indefinable sounds, poised between the present, the past and the future, remains unchanged and at times even more meaningful.
The amalgamation and contrast of instruments with warm and cold, ethnic and synthetic tones, transports the listener through an unpredictable and evocative path. It is the baggage of experiences made while discovering a distant land that, during the return trip, seeks a motivation to transform itself into a motivational drive that can be decisive for the change in the life that will be.

It is the transformation of the worm into a butterfly. The awareness of the inevitable change that every intense experience generates in ourselves. And just as the caterpillar turns out to be a butterfly, so, “Bacanadera Butterfly” stimulates us to fly towards new states of consciousness…