PACKSHOT Deano - Paleo EP - Hardgroove

Deano ‘Paleo EP’

Artist: Deano
Title: Paleo EP
Label: Hardgroove
Format: Digital
Release Date: 1st April 2022
1) Epoch
2) Venus of Tan-Tan
3) Terra Amata
4) The Oldowan
5) The Oldowan (Mark Broom Remix)
6) The Oldowan v2

South Africa’s Deano debuts on Hardgroove with a Mark Broom Remix.

Comprising five originals and a remix from techno legend Mark Broom, ‘Paleo’ finds DJ/producer and Knowledge label boss Deano in meaty form. Urgent, powerful and funky techno is on the menu from the off, with ‘Epoch’, ‘Venus of Tan-Tan’ and ‘Terra Amata’ all showing a deft touch when it comes to teasing rock-solid grooves into peak time monoliths. The second half of ‘Paleo’ is ‘The Oldowan’, a grinding cut that unfurls into a masterclass in using repetition to hammer a dancefloor. Broom’s remix snips away at the original and adds screw-face low-end and percussive guts before Deano’s ‘The Oldowan V2’ sees the producer mangle the original into a crunching, filtered banger.