Birds Of Passage ‘The Last Garden’

Artist: Birds Of Passage
Title: The Last Garden
Label: Denovali
Cat.: DEN366
Formats: CD, LP, digital
Release Date: November 5th 2021
1. It’s Too Late Now 8:46
2. The Light Became 3:09
3. The Creed 3:45
4. Worship My Flaws 4:05
5. Find Me Another 1:37
6. A Tale of Two Cities 4:19
7. We Fell For the Devil to Rise 7:56
8. Petite Mort 6:31
9. On Our Hands 2:23

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Alicia Merz a.k.a. Birds Of Passage makes her 5th long composition titled ‘The Last Garden’. To be host soon on the respectable Denovali label, the sounds shared represent a smooth and ethereal way to intrerpret contemporary music. Apparently the main studio/production focus is into the coherent mixage of shoegaze and indie influences, however Alicia has been talented to introduce many vocals into her productions, that’s a distinctive thing in her style which allows to gladden the interaction with the sonorities.

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