Emile Londonien ‘Emile Londonien EP’

Artist: Emile Londonien
Title: Emile Londonien EP
Label: Dope Tones Records
Remixers: Geoff Roy, Monomite
Cat: Dope010
Format: Digital
Release Date: February 12th 2021
1. Down The Big Street
2. SxB
3. Down The Big Street (Geoff Roy Remix)
4. SxB (Monomite Remix)

Emile Londonien debuts on Dope Tones Records with a self-titled jazz infused EP. This rand new project is formed by a few young jazz musicians who live in Strasbourg (FR).
‘Down The Big Street’ is the darkest track of the release, while ‘SxB’ goes brighter adopting also a “four to the floor” structure which makes it good for dancefloor alike situations. Geogg Roy and Monomite appear as remixers, proposing two unique and explorative versions that aplify the potential of the entire track package.

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