ScruScru ‘South Wind, Clear Sky (Parts 1 & 2 EP’

Artist: ScruScru
Title: South Wind, Clear Sky (Parts 1 & 2 EP)
Label : Omena
Release Date: – Friday, March 5 2021 (Part 1)
1 – Rain In A Bamboo Grove
2 – Maneki-Neko
3 – Who Has The Jazz?
4 – Midsommar (Feat. Nazin)
5 – Looking Like A Fool (Feat. Nazin)
6 – South Wind, Clear Sky

Record Sounds Like: The perfect mixture between a jazzfunk band going all in and a one person dub disco orchestra, Squarepusher meets Nu Guinea

There’s no denying the hype surrounding Anton “ScruScru” Bogomolov is fuelled by a string of celebrated singles, demonstrating an extraordinary prolific prowess all throughout the last couple of years which has culminated during 2020.

His ability to blend jazz-funk classics with the sweet sounds of disco-powered house grooves is always on point. It’s music that blur the boundaries between the serious yet playfull and takes the listener on a truly unique-sounding ride

ScruScru appearance on Omena is one of his finest so far. These six tracks makes a fine release called ”South Wind, Clear Sky” on vinyl and two digital EPs.

There’s jazz, disco, big warm rhodes chords and sparkling synth sounds of course, the bustling grooves takes you as far as outer space and back. It’s a wild ride and you should not be afraid to take it twice.